When interacting with me, I expect you to follow these rules.
This ain't anarchy, we can follow rules, right? ...right?

Breaking a rule once will likely result in a simple warning, with nothing else happening. Accidents happen, I get it.
After 2-5 warnings, a severe violation, or breaking a rule marked in red, you will be IMMEDIATELY blocked/banned, accident or not.

So for your sake and mine, let's follow these rules, alright?
I  N  T  E  R  A  C  T  I  O  N
1. Be respectful to EVERYONE, including other viewers. Cracking jokes at others' expense or harassing them for liking something you don't isn't cool.
(Exceptions apply if everyone else is in on the joke - for example, Jess bullying is okay if it's light-hearted, relevant, and explicitly obvious that it's all in good fun.)
2. Try to avoid getting too NSFW, especially when it comes to public spaces. You don't want us to get in trouble with the platform...right?
3. Partisan politics isn't my jam 24/7. Discussion of specific policies is generally fine (unless I don't respond, in which case don't press), but avoid talking red/blue on my posts. I might jump into a political discussion, in which case you're welcome to join in!
4. DON'T BRING UP DRAMA, ESPECIALLY FROM YEARS PRIOR. You won't get anything out of me but an instant block.
5. Try to avoid getting too personal with me. I'm happy you find comfort with me, but please understand that I most likely haven't been in your specific position, so I won't be able to do much other than what's already been done. If you need immediate help, I recommend seeking professional advice - they know how to help you much more than I, or most content creators, ever could.
6. Feel free to share relevant (or random) links in live chats/replies - however, I ask that you avoid self-promotion unless I specifically okay it.
7. Don't spam. Just...don't spam.
I  P  /  C  O  P  Y  R  I  G  H  T
1. Fanart or fanfics are A-okay! If you want to draw or write about any of my characters, have at it - no need to ask!
2. Don't try to profit off of my work. My characters are NOT your characters. My work is NOT your work. Understand that.
(Adding your fan works to a showcase or portfolio is alright, as that's considered fair use. I do ask that you provide a link back to me as the creator of the original IP.)
3. If I say no lewd works with a given character, I MEAN IT. Lewd a character I specifically say not to, and I will IMMEDIATELY block you.
(Note that with some of my characters, creating lewd works featuring or including them is okay. If in doubt, ask.)
4. Keep weird stuff off of my characters. If you're uncertain of if I'll allow what you're wanting to do, the best thing to do is show me examples.
5. I like to keep stuff for future me to look at and smile at - as soon as I see your work, I'm going to download it and keep it on my hard drive, with full credits given internally. This usually won't be shared publicly, and if it is, I'll link back to you if I can do so.
(If it takes too long, feel free to drop a reply linking back to yourself. I'll either bump the reply or repost it with credits given!)
C  O  M  M  I  S  S  I  O  N  S
These rules apply to both of us, no matter who is being paid.
1. Constant updates are a must - for example, if you're going to take a break, please tell me.
2. Share WIPs. A lot. Being able to point out inconsistencies or flaws is more helpful than you might think, and sharing frequent WIPs helps with that.
3. Upon completion of a commission, you grant me an exclusive, royalty-free license to use, share, and if permitted, profit off of your work. Alternatively, if you commission me, I will grant you all of the above rights, including the right to profit off of my work. However, the creator will retain ownership of the work, and may do with it as they please, so long as the rules set in place by the IP/Copyright subsection are followed.
4. If any other IPs/copyrighted works are present in your work, please let me know so I may receive explicit permission to share the work. I don't want to get either of us in trouble.
(For graphic design, generally this rule need not apply.)
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